What China Should Learn From America’s Hot Dogs

What China Should Learn From America’s Hot Dogs

Jun 07

Very proud to help my boss, BAMCO CEO Fedele Bauccio, write this op-ed for the Huffington Post.

A recent Wall Street Journal article about the planned takeover of Smithfield Foods Inc. by Shuanghui International Holdings, China’s biggest meat processor, was headlined “What China Can Learn From America’s Hot Dogs,” but the lessons delivered were dangerously one-sided.

While the acquisition may indeed represent China’s desire “to industrialize its archaic food-production system to address rampant health problems and feed an increasingly wealthy population,” as the Journal concludes, U.S. history would suggest it will only achieve the latter.

The industrialization of the American meat system has inarguably resulted in cheap hot dogs. But at what price? China should think hard about the consequences that will likely flow from adopting the U.S. factory farming model.

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